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50 Ways To Enjoy Life

50 Ways To Enjoy Life  

50 Ways To Enjoy Life - Connect with old friends
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1. Connect with old friends

Our busy schedules leave us with less time to catch up with old friends. Have you not been able to reconnect with your old friends because you don’t have time from work, family or kids? Pick up that phone and get in touch, lady.


2. Read a positive and inspiring quote every morning

Did you know that quotes about happiness, wisdom, life and inspiration are one of the easiest and best ways to give you a mental boost in the morning?


3. Step out in the rain

Don’t you remember how great it used to feel when you got wet in the rain when you were a kid? Why not enjoy life and live those days again?


4. Cook a big delicious meal for your loved ones

Don’t we women know how pleasurable it is to cook with our hearts? We suggest that you involve your partner too. Share a glass of wine with him while you spend time in the kitchen cooking a delicious meal.


5. Touch the plants in your garden and talk to them

Many experts recommend that this is a great way to deal with stress. As time goes by, you will find that the plants will feel like a part of you and your family. You will look after them, care for them and watch them grow. Ah, the little joys of life!


6. Enjoy life by spending more time with your parents

Do you know why? Because your parents are the key to remembering your childhood days and looking at how you may be when you are old. Cherish these happy times.


7. Be in good company

Women who get stuck in bad company often complain of frustration and anxiety of not having the right friends who will be there in times of need. Don’t let this happen to you and make sure you seize life’s enjoyable moments by always being around interesting, happy and genuine people.


8. Exercise regularly

Being healthy is one of the best ways to be happy and enjoy life. Exercising not only feels great, but will also help in keeping you disease free and fit.


9. Surprise people at home by coming back from work early every once in a while

Don’t you see the smile on your loved one’s face when you come back early from work? Work hard, but remember that there are people who care for you and deserve more of your time.


10. Save up for a big vacation that you’ve always wanted to take and go for it

Vacations will truly make you enjoy life and leave you with life long memories. Don’t you always talk about the trips you took with friends when you were young? That’s exactly what we are talking about, ladies.

50 Ways To Enjoy Life - Take short picnic trips with your loved ones often
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11. Take short picnic trips with your loved ones often

When you are old, you will enjoy these times. You don’t always need to spend those big bucks when you travel. It can even be those short camping trips on the weekend.


12. Get an ice cream cake without any reason

We all love eating ice cream because it makes us happy. Enjoy life by treating yourself to a delicious ice cream cake once in a while.


13. Make a list of all the good things that have happened to you in the last 12 months and put it up on the fridge

You will really smile and enjoy reading this list every single day.


14. Help the elderly whenever you can

Try helping an old woman cross the road and you will see how big a smile that will bring on your face.


15. Read a story to a child

Do you have children? Even if you don’t, we’re sure some of your relatives or friends do. Read a child a story book and enjoy this little joy in your life.


16. Give voluntary services in your free time

Volunteering is very satisfying and infuses a feeling of ‘giving back’ to the society. You don’t always need to give thousands to charities to do your bit for the society.


17. Learn a foreign language

It will expose you to a different language and a different culture. See how different cultures enjoy life and give your brain food for thought.


18. Sing aloud for at least fifteen minutes every day, even if that is in the shower

Singing is relaxing and an enjoyable activity. Make your soul happy!


19. Take dancing lessons even if you have two left feet

Dancing is very liberating and will give you a sense of freedom. Enjoy life by moving your body to some fantastic tunes and happy moments.


20. Don’t stop dreaming

None of the ideas and inventions in the world today would have been possible if people didn’t dream big. Dreaming is your opportunity to break away from the rut of life and explore happiness in another world.

50 Ways To Enjoy Life - Learn a musical instrument
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21. Learn a musical instrument

It does not matter whether you become a pro at it or not, playing a musical instrument is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying experience in life. What you also need to know is, people don’t always learn a musical instrument to perform on stage. The joy that you will get when you play a musical instrument even when you are alone by yourself is amazing.


22. Spend time on the weekends sitting on the couch and watching romantic movies

Remember Notting Hill? Pretty Woman? Romantic movies touch a soft spot in every woman’s heart and we suggest that you spend a few hours on the weekend watching great romantic flicks.


23. Watch funny videos

Watching funny videos is an instant way to induce happiness and laugh out loud. Go to YouTube.com and search for funny videos. You will be surprised to find many funny videos to match your taste and liking. Go ahead, have a laugh.


24. Enjoy sex and make it a meaningful connection

We often notice that sex takes a beating amongst couples who are married or have been in a long term relationship. Don’t let that happen in your relationship. Sex should be an outlet of passion, emotion and a way of bonding with your partner.


25. Take lots of pictures and browse through your old ones

You may not realize the importance of taking pictures to enjoy life right now but try looking at your high school pictures and see the joy that they bring on your face. Take a lot of pictures and cling onto the happy memories in life forever.


26. Make big celebrations even for small achievements

It could be as small as your kid getting a compliment from his/her teacher or a promotion at work. The key to enjoy life is to celebrate the good times and forget the bad times.


27. Write a list of things that you want to do, and do them

Have you been procrastinating doing your favorite hobby, or going to that new restaurant or cafe just because there are other things that have got priority in your life? We suggest that you make a list of all the things on a little ‘wish list’ and start doing them.


28. Tell yourself that you’ll be open to change

As time passes by, your friends will change, your jobs will change and the way you look will change too. It is human nature to resist and deny change, but that is not where true happiness lies. Real happiness and enjoyment in life lies in accepting changes as they come along.


29. What goes around comes around

No, we are not telling you lyrics of a famous pop song but this is a fact. Be nice to people and they will be nice to you. This only means less trouble, less confusion and less bad vibes. Be good, be happy.


30. Live in the present

Do you worry a lot about the past? Or the future? A typical example can be about worrying about a fight with your ex boyfriend many, many years back. If you are doing that, we suggest that you stop now. Enjoy what you have now, because you never know if you’ll have it tomorrow.


31. Go for a massage every month

We know that massages can be a bit expensive and that’s why we ask you to make it only a monthly activity. A great massage will relax your body and calm your mind.


32. Have a big night out every now and then

It is okay to go out with friends and having a few drinks. That’s the way you enjoy life, don’t you? Just make sure it does not become a regular habit.


33. Live in the countryside

Metropolitan cities are concrete jungles, not what nature designed for us, ladies. Have you ever known the pleasures of living in the countryside? Do you know how it feels like to live amongst vast areas of land, open fields, glorious sunsets and long drives? We suggest that you spend at least a year or two of your life living in the countryside to enjoy nature’s gifts.


34. Write a diary

Many women feel that writing a diary is a very satisfying and enjoyable experience. It is a nice way to vent emotions and feelings.


35. Buy tickets to a symphony orchestra

Maybe you are not a fan of such music but we think it is a great joy of life to witness the glory of a live symphony orchestra. You will be amazed at the way the musicians play music.


36. Be a mentor

If you are an expert in your profession, you can opt to be a mentor for a university student or a fresher who has just joined the workforce. Teaching and imparting knowledge is a very enjoyable experience in life.


37. Keep your love letters

Love letters or love notes are written from the heart. We think it is a great idea to hang on to love letters, even if they are from ex boyfriends or ex partners because after many years, it will be very enjoyable to read these letters and think about the good times.


38. If you really want to enjoy life, find a nice hobby

It can be as simple as collecting stamps and it can be as complex as designing and making new dresses. Hobbies are a fantastic way to find something creative to do when you are alone or idle.


39. Go shopping

Do we even need to tell you girlies how enjoyable shopping can be? Go ahead, treat yourself to some shopping every now and then to bring a smile on your face.


40. Try new hairstyles from time to time

Don’t you remember how eager you were as a teenage girl to try new hairstyles and stylish hairdos? Age has got nothing to do with being excited about looking forward to new hairdos and making bold fashion statements.

50 Ways To Enjoy Life - Go to a scenic place and read a book
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41. Go to a scenic place and read a book

Why scenic place? Because nothing can beat the splendid views of nature. Reading is a great way to induce happiness from within. Even if you are not a voracious reader, we suggest that you try it.


42. Leave work at your office

The key to enjoying life is to treat work as work and forget it when you step out of your workplace. Do you bring work home? Do you find yourself working in bed with a laptop? Friends, it is good to work hard but don’t ignore the happiness in life by being obsessed about work.


43. Invest in your future

We know, this may sound like motherly advice but to enjoy life, you will need a decent bank balance. A nice way to ensure that you have enough funds in life to fulfill your needs is to invest wisely in your future. Even if it is small amounts like $100 a week, start saving now and invest.


44. Organize a gathering of family and relatives

It is a different thing whether you get along with your relatives or not, but nothing will change the fact that you are indeed, relatives. Share your joyful moments of life with them by organizing a get together. It can be something as simple as a barbeque in your backyard.


45. Sample new delicacies

It is an immense pleasure to taste and sample new delicacies from around the world and we suggest that you try doing it too. Japanese cuisine, Italian, French, Moroccan, Afghan, Indian, Vietnamese… the list is long. Try them all.


46. Ditch the car, take the train to work

Traveling by public transport is a joy in life that you should not miss out on. If you are stuck on the freeway every single day of the week on your work, why not take the train instead? Meet new people and have fun.


47. Get a pet

Pets bring a lot of happiness in life. If you don’t believe us, go ask a cat owner or dog owner on how much they love their pets and how much their pets love them back.


48. Attend carnivals and festivals

Whether it is a carnival parade in Brazil or a Food Festival in Australia, such events are vibrant and very enjoyable. We certainly think that a visit to these festivals and carnivals will add a spark in your life.


49. Snuggle with your partner

Don’t you remember the first few weeks of your new relationship when you snuggled with your partner? Do you still do that? It can be as simple as lying in his arms on the couch or sitting on his lap for hours while you watch the TV. This is truly a priceless joy in life.


50. Stop being serious

A very effective way to enjoy life is to avoid being serious all the time. We know that this is easier said than done because you may have the pressure of a job, relationship, family, mortgage and more. But make an effort to smile always and not over analyze all elements in life.